Bringing decisive clarity to information with real-time visual rendering technology

What We Do

Charged with the responsibility of protecting residents, assets, property and the environment in your jurisdiction, your agency needs access to large volumes of precise data to guide your actions and form effective collaborations.

As a Google Enterprise partner, NAG employs the latest real-time sharing technology and geospatial solutions to improve the integration and sharing of information and communication across multiple departments and field teams. The use of these solutions allows clients to reduce IT costs, increase their ability to process complex geospatial data, and improve the effectiveness and response time of their existing technologies.

More importantly, NAG helps clients create a deeper understanding of their world, and ease the complexity of their jobs.


Who We Are

Founded in 1991, NAG Inc. is a technology-consulting firm that specializes in providing geospatial and data visualization solutions and support services to federal, state, regional and local government agencies and private businesses in transportation, administrative services, economic development, community development, public utilities and public safety

NAG helps these agencies leverage the latest real-time sharing technology, which increases the speed, the access, the accuracy and the overall management of data, and allows them to make better decisions that shape the future.



NAG, Inc. celebrates over 24 years providing services and products across several sectors. Our focus has always been to make real-time intelligence a reality for all of our clients.